Sport shooting:


The postal sport shoot is open to all members, and is also used to maintain a members dedicated sport shooting status. You do not have to be a Dedicated Sports Person to participate in the annual postal sport shooting competition. The postal shoot can be shot multiple times with different firearms and calibers, however, ranking will be done in accordance with the type of firearm used and the discipline.

NARFO recognizes all other associations shooting activities and competitions. Member may log these shoots as activities.

NOTE: To qualify for the postal sport shooting competition and ranking, you need to comply with the following.

  • NAFRO Disciplines – Minimum of Three targets of the same discipline. The average of the top three will be taken into account.
  • OTHER Disciplines – Highest score of a single shoot will be taken into account.

A comprehensive list of all NARFO shooting disciplines can be downloaded HERE

General rules:

  • Firearm categories must be selected for each event.
  • Sport Shooting competition runs from 1 March to 28 February of each year.
  • Results will be published on an annual basis accessible from the Activity Section of the Members Profile.
  • Targets and or score cards must be scanned and uploaded to the NARFO Activity portal. Use the add activity under activities tab in the profile area.

NARFO Sport Shooting Rules

The sport shooting rule book can be downloaded in the members section; however, you can also download the individual rules from the Targets Download menu. These targets are for members and non-members.

Other shooting disciplines

NARFO encourages members to also participate in other organized shooting events and competitions of other associations.

Below is a list of known associations and disciplines, however, there are many more formal and informal shooting clubs and events. Members may submit these as activities and can be used to maintain your dedicated status if you have one.

Recognized Shooting Disciplines

The links below were working at the time of publishing. If any link does not work or you want to add your club to the list, contact us and we will add it.

CTSASA – Clay Target Shooting Association of South Africa
SAHRSA – South African Hunting Rifle Shooting Association
SABU – South African Bisley Union
SAMSSA – South African Metallic Silhouette Shooting Association
SABSF – South African Bench Rest Federation
SADPA – South African Defense Pistol Association
SAPSA – South African Practical Shooting Association
SACRA – South African Combat Rifle Association
IDPA – International Defense Pistol Association
NRL SA – National Rifle League South Africa
NATSHOOT – National Hunting and Shooting Association
XSSSA – Extreme Steel Shooting South Africa
SAPSF – South African Pin Shooting Federation
SAPRF – PRS SA – Precision Rifle Federation South Africa
WSSA – Western Shooters of South Africa
Mastershot – Mastershot Series South Africa
3 Gun – 3 Gun Nation South Africa
Steel Challenge – Steel Challenge South Africa
SAPF – South African Pistol Federation
SAARA – South African Air Rifle Federation
SAHGA South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association Multi Discipline
BASA – Big Bore Association of South Africa
BPSU Black Powder Shooting Union of South Africa
SAPSSF – South African Precision Sport Shooting Federation
LRSC – Long Range Shooting Club
SAWSA Wingshooters Association

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