Occasional Sports Shooter

In South Africa, the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 provides for an Occasional Sport Shooter category, which allows firearm owners who only occasionally practice sport shooting to obtain a license under Section 15 of the Act. This means that individuals who are interested in getting into the activity of Sport Shooting and buying their first firearm for that purpose can apply for this license.

Unlike the Dedicated Sport Shooter status, Occasional Sport Shooter and do not need to belong to an accredited association or submit any activities per year to maintain their status.

It is however beneficial to belong to an accredited association as early as possible in preparation for the day you do decide to become a dedicated member and own more than 4 firearms. You would by then have already build up a substantial profile of activities.

This category is designed for individuals who do not engage in sport shooting on a regular basis but would like to enjoy it as a hobby from time to time.

However, there are some restrictions that come with this category. An Occasional Sport Shooter may only possess a maximum of four firearms, and they are limited to having no more than 200 rounds of ammunition per license. In addition, the firearms allowed under this category are restricted to:

  • (1)(a) a handgun which is not fully automatic
  • (1)(b) rifle or shotgun which is not fully or semi automatic

It must be noted that you are only allowed one handgun for the purpose of Self Protection under this Sections and this one firearm is in included in the maximum of four firearms you are allowed. 

It is important to note that applying for a license under Section 15 still requires a full motivation. This means that the applicant must provide a comprehensive explanation of why they need the firearm and how they intend to use it for occasional hunting or sport shooting.

While the Occasional Sport Shooter category may seem less demanding than the Dedicated Sport Shooter status, it is still crucial to follow all the guidelines and regulations set forth in the Act. Firearms ownership comes with significant responsibilities, and all firearm owners must ensure that they are using their firearms safely and responsibly. This includes proper storage, maintenance, and handling of firearms, as well as complying with all the legal requirements.

In conclusion, the Occasional Sport Shooter category provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who only occasionally engage in sport shooting to obtain a license and enjoy their hobby. However, it is essential to remember the restrictions and responsibilities that come with this category and ensure that all guidelines and regulations are adhered to for the safe and responsible use of firearms.

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