Seamless member profile administration

Our online platform uses the latest innovative technology to assist members to manage and maintain their profile. No limitations to office hours, your information is available 24/7. No need to wait for someone to assist you with member letters, activity reports, license reminders, payments and all the other functionality the system provides.

Loyalty program

Earn membership days for being active. Going to the range or participating in an activity or completing your online assessment has never been so beneficial. The more active you are, the more membership days you earn.

Monthly Magazine

Members will receive a monthly Wildland magazine for free. This is distributed in an elelectroninc format and all editions can be downloaded from your member profile.

Through other affiliations, we also from time to time make other publications available like the Shooting Illustrated

Informative information about:

  • Firearm ownership – buying and owning one
  • Sport shooting
  • Hunting and conservation
  • Legislation
  • Safety aspects and tips
  • Firearm care and maintenance
  • Industry news

Partner benefits

Through our partner program, we are able to put our members in touch with various service providers that provides the following services:

  • Member queries and assistence
  • Competency training providers
  • Legal advice
  • Finance of your firearm and equipment
  • All risk insurance for your firearm and equipment
  • Cashback Moolah program on selected purchases
  • Legal and Liability insurance

Online training platform

Our online training platform was designed with the user in mind. Easily browse through the course material and complete the quizzes in your own time. We constantly add more relevant information to educate our members.


We assist members with writing endorsements in support of submitting your firearm license application.

Firearm License Tracking

  • Our platform allows members to track their firearm expiry dates and send reminders 120 days before the expiry date.
  • Members can also track their SAPS license application status thought our platform. We will send you regular updates on the progress of your application.


We have a comprehensive network of partners who can assist with writing your motivation for new and renewal of your competency and firearm application.

Comprehensive postal shooting

We have a comprehensive shooting table with more than 85 shooting disciplines to cater for your every need. The shooting formats are designed to test and enhance your shooting abilities covering handguns, rifles, shotguns and self-loading firearms.

Find a discipline that fits your profile and firearm, download the target and off you go to the range. We also encourage firearm owners to participate in more formal shooting events and have a range of disciplines that we acknowledge.

Postal Shoot Ranking

Our platform has an integrated ranking system that will track your shooting activities and show you how you rank against other members who participate in the same discipline.

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