NARFO supports Subsistence and Sustainable Hunting practices. We are the custodians of our natural resources.

By joining NARFO, you allow yourself to further your interest in hunting and conservation and show commitment to the

“We Hunt Together”

For some time now, the entire industry has been under attack from various fronts and we constantly need to reinvent ourselves to keep abreast of the many challenges we face. These attacks are launched by many individuals and organisations, each with their own vision and perception of the industry and each with their own agenda. There are the anti-gun organisations, the anti-hunting groups, the animal rights’ movements, international pressure from various governments to reduce the number of personal firearms and then there is also the public outcry of the emotionally involved and ill-informed, there are news editors and public figures that make unsubstantiated statements, and we are faced with government and its inability to properly implement laws.

We should not underestimate these external opponents. They have the instinct of true predators and will single out the weak one in the herd and zoom in for the kill. It is of utmost importance that all role players in the industry stand together and collaboratively form strategic alliances to counter any attacks on the industry as a whole. The dynamics of our industry – by their very nature – change regularly and we as role players should be agile enough to adapt to the ever-changing environment in which we find ourselves.

One of our goals are to secure the preservation of our natural diversity through sustainable utilisation in a collaborative way. This can only be achieved if we look at the bigger picture and the symbiotic relationships that exist between organisations supporting common interests on all fronts. Hunters, local and foreign, want to hunt, game farmers want to farm with game so that we can hunt – and all of this while we are also trying to survive financially. This cannot happen if we don’t look after our soil and plant life, if we don’t reinvest back into the industry, and if we don’t join forces to overcome the challenges by working together towards common goals and looking after one another.

As stewards of our environment and industry, we need to rise to our calling and realise that I am because we are. We all, no matter how diverse, have that common responsibility to secure and promote sustainable utilisation, to be true ambassadors for our industry, to lead by example, and to stand together when challenges come knocking at our door.

It is thus our responsibility to help secure the future by strengthening the links of the chain and not losing focus of the end goal and bigger picture of securing the freedom to hunt, to support sustainable utilisation and management of our wildlife resources and to continue to be one of the biggest contributors to conservation – collaboratively.

“Hunt With Your Children, Not For Them”

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