frequently asked questions

Becoming a member is really easy. Hit the Sign Up button and follow the steps to capture your personal information.

You will then be asked to verify your email address.

Once your email address is verified, you will be able to log in. 

The system will navigate you to the Accounts section where you can use the payment gateway. to pay your membership fees.

Once payment has been made, your profile will become active immediately.

Although we only have one fee, we have different fee structures depending on your assigned partner.

If you belong only to NARFO, there is one basis fee for all members.

If you are associated with a specific partner, you may have a different fee structure. This is dependent on the partner fee structure.

We do not have any entry fee or fees for any services we provide.

It is a once off fee per year and payable on date of registration.

No, you can also make a payment by doing a electronic transfer of funds or do a direct deposit into our account.

The banking details can be found on the Accounts section of your profile.

Note that making EFT or Deposit payments will take longer as we can only activate your profile when the funds show in our bank account.

All documentation associated to your membership can be downloaded from your profile. 

This includes membership letter, Endorsements, Tax Invoices of payments, Dedicated Status Certificates, Activity logs and all other association documents..

There is a Reporting Portal on your profile for member letters and the Document Section has all the Association documents that you can read

The banking details can be found on the Accounts section of your profile.

Yes, NARFO is accredited in terms of the Firearms Control Act 60 of 2000 for Sport Shooting and Hunting. 

members who hold a dedicated status can apply for firearms under Section 16 of the Firearms Control Act.

Yes, in terms of NARFO’s Accreditation, we are able to provide our members with dedicated status subject to the member completing the prescribed assessments.

Members who hold a dedicated status also need to comply with the provisions as set out in the dedicated application on an annual basis.

Yes, if you are currently in possession of a valid dedicated status from another association, you can transfer your status without having to redo the assessments. We don this on the basis of RPL, Recognition of prior learning.

The FAR numbers are printed on your dedicated certificates and on your membership letter.

There are two FAR number, one for Sport Shooting and one for Hunting

Yes, we are able to provide our members with endorsements to submit with their firearm application.

Although endorsements are not stipulated in the Act, the Accredited Associations has an agreement with the SAPS to provide members with an endorsement. 

Endorsements are used to verify the suitability of the firearm related to the motivation and use of the firearm. 

For instance, you can get an endorsement for a 243 rifle for sport shooting, but you will not be able to get an endorsement for a semi-automatic rifle for hunting. 

Members can create and upload their activities through the members portal. 

It is good practice to keep a comprehensive record of all activities. 

A full activity report can be downloaded from the activity section of the members portal.

Yes, the NARFO platform is fully mobile and can be used on any device. 

Simply open the NARFO website on your mobile device using your preferred browser and then select the Add to Home screen option.

The App will install itself.

NOTE: the NARFO app is not available on the Play Store

Yes, we send regular newsworthy emails to members. 

However, we have partnered with the Wildland magazine, and we place articles in these editions on a monthly basis. 

Bonus is that members get these editions for FREE. 

You get to read about NARFO but also get all the other new and articles in these editions.

The short answers in No. 

You do not have to use accredited shooting ranges when you shoot the NARFO targets. 

The Firearms Act says you may shoot where it is legal and safe to shoot.

You also have to comply with any municipal by laws.

If you happen to go on a hunt, you may load your hunting trip as an activity. You may also shoot some of the NARFO targets on the same farm, if the farmer allows it and load these as activities.

When shooting out in the open or an a farm, make sure you are allowed to shoot there, ensure you have sufficient back stop and ensure you know what is beyond the back stop.

Never shoot over the horizon.

Looking for a shooting range, follow this link: Shooting Ranges – NARFO

Yes, we host Postal Shoots where members can choose which discipline, they want to participate in, download the target from the website, go shoot in your own time and upload the target using the correct discipline.

Check out our range of targets here: Target Downloads – NARFO

We keep an accurate record of all your sport shooting events. 

We allow you to log NARFO shooting disciplines as well as shooting competitions from other associations. 
For NARFO shooting disciplines, you need to log three of the same disciplines and we will calculate the top three average scores for the ranking. 
For other competitions, we take your top score.

These scores are done a annual bases.

Ranking is only visible to members.

When signing up as a member, you are allocated a personal assistant and representative that will be available to answer any of your questions.

At the time of putting together this FAQ, we have about 75 representatives to assist members.

Yes, we are the only association with a loyalty system.

We reward active members. 

Earn membership days for submitting activities. It’s that simple. 

Yes, members can use the License Application tracker to track their application. 

One simple step: Enter your application details (Id no, Serial No, Register No) and we will take care of the rest. 
Every Friday morning, you will get a report right in your email inbox with any updates on your application. 

Sit back and relax, we make it simple, seamless, convenient!

Yes, member have the option to enter their license details and we will send you a reminder 120 before the expiry date. 

You can also add any other custom reminder on the system like driver’s license, motor vehicle license expiry. 

basically, anything with an expiry date

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