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Whenever we visit the range or we participate in some competition, there are always range officers on duty. They look after our safety and ensure that all activities run smooth.

If you run an accredited shooting range, you are required by law to have a qualified range officers on duty. Many of the shooting disciplines that are not conducted on an accredited ranges sometimes make use of freelance range officers.

Range officers have to endure longs days on the range and sometimes also required to do some scoring for a competition. In many cases, these range officers are paid very little for a day’s work, if paid anything at all.

It is sometimes also necessary for the shooters participating in a shooting event to double up as a range officer as well.

NARFO has launched a range officer training initiative together with SA Hunting Rifle Shooting to train 20 range officers. Thanks to Conrad De Does for input and guidance during the formulation of this program. The trainees were sourced from a pool of freelancers that regularly assist with running Hunting Rifle Competitions.

The idea behind this initiative was to create a pool of range officers that can be utilised at SA Hunting Rifle competitions as well as be available to do range officer duties at other competitions hosted by other associations.

The training covered the following SAQA approved Unit Standards:

  • Knowledge of the Act, Unit Standard 117705 plus practical
  • Use of a Manually Operated Rifle, Unit Standard 119651
  • Supervise Shooting Exercises, Unit Standard 123517

The primary duty of a range officer is to organize, conduct and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations for all shooters at all times. The range officer always has the final say and authority as each shooters safety is in their hands.

The first of the 20 trainees that qualified had their first official Range Officer duty at the West Coast Veldskiet Open in August 2021. The day, needless to say, went without incident.

All six ranges were run with a professional approach and just more than 100 participants finished before 1pm.

Although the Range Officer training provides the basic approach to ensuring safety on the range, each shooting discipline also comes with its own nuances in terms of specific rules, scoring and the course of fire. A quick briefing before the commencement of the shoot did the trick with positive feedback from all shooters.

The range officers all reside in the greater Cape Town area, but we are planning to extend this initiative to other provinces in the next year.

If you have a shooting range or you host competitions in the Western Cape and would like to utilise some of these range officers or if you are interested in becoming a range officer and you have time over weekends to RO some shoots, please also get in contact with us elmo@narfo.co.za

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2 thoughts on “Range Officer Training Program”

    1. We have launched this in the Cape Town area as a trial and will be looking at something similar for other areas in the new year.
      Keep an eye out for more information.
      If you want to do the Range Officer course on your own, most accredited training providers would be able to do the course.
      To do the course, you would need to complete the: The Knowledge of the Act, Units Standard 117705 as well as practical tests and the Supervise a Shooting Exercise Unit Standard 123516

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